Above Artwork Courtesy of Julie Abbotts 1st & 2nd grade classes @ John Lyman Elemen. School, Middlefield, CT
Artists, from left to right: Josef Danczcek- Tyler - Hannah Nyhart - Tyler
  Pop 101  

The Tirebiter Band's twenty-seven years of experience as a full-time performing group for all ages gave impetus to developing a presentation for children.

The show is appropriate for grades K thru 6. Tirebiter presents instrumental and vocal performance of genres of musical styles from the forties through the 2000's with commentary on the evolution of those styles. Larger schools may option for 2 shows.
The 50-55 minute presentation includes the following:

Vocal harmonies are demonstrated by performance of Medieval polyphony to five-part, contemporary a Capella music.

Tirebiter's development of Style Go Round as demonstrated by the performance of a song by popular, contemporary groups such as Greenday or N Sync in eight different musical styles demonstrates the universality of music in an attempt to avert musical bias.

The group encourages their audience to participate with rhythm and movement.

The energy of Tirebiter's performance captures and sustains the attention of their audience at a quick pace from the first note to the innovative finale.This program has been used in several school systems in Connecticut during the past six years and has been well received by students and teachers alike.
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For more information about Tirebiter's "POP 101",
please call Cheryl Scott at 860.693.0891

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